Simple actions that mean the world

The green revolution starts with small everyday actions

Someone said that small changes are the powerful ones. Changing our habits and putting very simple actions into our daily routine can mean the world.

1. The rule of the 3 Rs

It is important to follow the rule of the 3 “R”s: Reduce the amount of waste we produce and the products we consume, Reuse objects and materials and Recycle in the corresponding container.

2. Travel with people

If you have to get round the city and cannot go on foot, the best solution is to use public transport: buses, subways and trains pollute much less than cars. Plus, they don’t get stuck in traffic jams …

Using collective transport significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions per person. (Xavier Gómez)

3. Turn the lights off

When you leave your room, house, classroom … remember to turn the lights off! Not only you will pay less in bills, but you can also save energy and the resources that are used to produce it: oil, natural gas, water, coal

Initiatives like the WWF Earth Hour propose the massive saving of energy by turning the lights off for one hour all around the world. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

4. Closet he tap while brushing your teeth

Shhhhhhh … Can you hear it? That’s liters and liters of wasted water! When we wash our teeth with the tap open, when we flush after just throwing a tissue… Water is a scarce resource, use it sensibly!

5. Buy local products

By buying food or products that have been produced near home, we don’t only contribute to improving the local economy, but also help to pollute less, because the routes to transport the goods are shorter.

6. Reuse the bags

That same plastic bag that you have been given in the store can be used for your snack, to bring your grandmother a gift and, in the end, to pick up all the bottles and throwing them into the right container.

7. … or even better: use fabric bags!

And if you want to be super-green, forget about plastic bags! Use fabric bags, a trolley to go shopping: this way we will be able to reduce the use of plastic bags, which are made with polluting materials like oil.

A fabric bag, your handbag, your backpack … anything is better than plastic bags. (Digitalskillet / Getty)

8. Use recycled paper

To prevent more trees from getting cut, you can choose recycled paper: this type of paper is made from other papers that have been thrown into the blue container to be recycled. You can make your own recycled paper at home!

9. Turn organic waste into compost

If you have plants, an orchard or a garden, you can take advantage of the remains of food produced at home to make compost: a natural mixture that serves as food for plants… you will see how they grow!

10. Avoid products with excessive packaging

That white polystyrene tray, transparent wrapping, a plastic net to hold it … is so much packaging really necessary if it’s going to end up in the trash anyway? It is best to buy bulk products, produced locally, and avoid disposable packaging.

The waste of packaging and various plastics reaches the most remote areas of the planet. (Getty)

11. Separate waste

Bags and containers in one, glass bottles and jars in the other, paper and cardboard together, food leftovers in degradable bags … Separating helps reduce the amount of waste we produce and makes recycling it easier.

12. Tell your friends!

Just like that, we can all contribute to making the environment a better place. One person can make a great change, but many people together can make an even bigger one: the more we are, the farther we’ll get!

And remember: the small changes are powerful. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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