Apps for studying music

Music applications can help you study your sheet music and improve your performance skills

By Judith Vives

Studying music requires a lot of dedication, preparation and perseverance. And even more if you are preparing for an exam or audition. In these cases, technology can help you.

You may think that mobile and tablet applications are only for listening to and enjoying music, but the truth is there are many applications that can also help with your musical training.

There are apps of all kinds that will help you practice, read sheet music, mix music, compose or even tune your instrument. Below, we recommend a few that you will find very useful.

Play Trinity Rock Pop

This is an app developed by Trinity College London to help students prepare for music exams. Play Trinity Rock Pop lets you work at your own pace with the songs you are playing. You can control the speed of reproduction, change the tone, repeat a loop fragment, see the lyrics of the song, control the volume of the instruments and much more.

Tido App

With this application, you can carry all your sheet music without being weighed down by kilos of paper. And you also help protect the environment!

Tido App includes an automatic pages step, metronome, annotations and a play along that lets you play with high quality accompaniment.

Boss Tuner

The Boss Tuner application allows you to tune guitars, basses and other string instruments, something very important for future musicians, because an out of tune sequence makes it difficult to analyse your own performance and progress as a musician.

This app has a very precise tuning algorithm and is ideal for getting a tuned instrument, ready for the most important performances.

Garage Band and Walk Band

These applications for IOS and Android allow you to turn your mobile or tablet into a portable recording studio. You can create your own multitrack recordings and start composing original pieces from scratch.

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

Rhythm Trainer is an application that helps you to improve your reading of sheet music, something that especially worries students who have auditions and exams coming up. This app, available for Android and IOS, helps you internalise the notes and gain confidence.

The Rhythm Trainer app helps you read sheet music at a glance. (Rhythm Trainer)

Now you know that there are many applications for improving in your musical studies. And if you want to evaluate your progress, you have the support of Trinity College London.

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