CLIMATE CHANGE | No time to hesitate

"No, there is NO time to hesitate" is the slogan that the students have chosen to explain why it is important to act against climate change (Anna Mogas School)

2nd year high school students explain why it is important to get involved in the fight against global warming

Unbearable heat waves, harvests that are getting worse, animals that no longer migrate, cities constantly covered by pollution cloud … climate change is a fact and it does not only mean an increase in temperatures.

Global warming is affecting our planet and also our health and lifestyle, just like the  2nd year students  at  Anna Mogas School in Granollers-Barcelona have explained to us.

These young students have spent a week investigating the main causes and consequences of this phenomenon through the news on climate change published in Junior Report.

“The message is clear: we must stop climate change” they say.
Here are the conclusions that this group of students reached on climate change.


There is no planet B to substitute Earth!

This is one of the biggest challenges we face and the consequences are getting worse.

The pressure coming from energy companies and private interests, which deny the existence of climate change, is what prevents other governments from getting more involved in the fight against global warming. That is why citizens from all over the world organize demonstrations and initiatives to get their attention.

It is impossible to change the world without understanding it first! Education is key!



Governments aren’t for the task

Climate change has global consequences and it is largely our fault. Every year we produce millions of tons of waste that are not processed they way that they should and end up affecting the environment.

In addition, emissions of polluting gases exceed safety limits, something that shouldn’t happen. Because of politicians like Donald Trump, governments do not comply with the international agreement of Climate Summits.

We should stop thinking about ourselves and start to think about  Biodiversity, about the World in general



Small things can make big changes

The consequences are not only for us, but for all the living animals and plants on this planet. The increase in temperatures affects many species’ natural habitat, their migrations and even their food, because climate change affects the growth of many plants and crops.

“We find it unfair that the people who do not cause these problems are the ones who are most concerned, and that those who are to blame do not pay enough attention,” they explain.

We may not be aware of the pollution that our lifestyle produces: go by car instead of using public transport, shopping with plastic bags instead of using fabric bags, not recycling our waste…

And we can all contribute to making our planet a better place: by recycling, using more natural products, reducing the energy we consume, buying in local shops,…  it is in our small daily actions that we can make big changes.


It might be too late when we realize, so we need to act now!


This exercises was carried out in Spanish and in Catalan by High school students at Anna Mogas School in Granollers (Barcelona). The authors are:

2º A ESO

Àlex Balaguer, Fatoumata Balde, Sandra Bernal, Judith Bueno, Daniel Campos, Èric Cañete, Júlia Casado, Christian Centeno, Dakota Doncel, Meritxell Enrique, Ariadna Gibello, Sergi Gonzalez, Rubén González, Ivan Lopez, Suwahibu Magiraga, Yuma Mahanera, Natalia Martin, Maria Melenchon, Alex Miro, Angie Paola Montero, Marina Morcillo, Judith Pavo, Alex Peral, Albert Resina, Laia Rozas, Xavier Sesat, Santiago Sola, Miquel Ubach, Pau Valera

2º B ESO

Laia Acosta, Jan Pau Arenas, Mariama Badji, Alex Batlles, Núria Berberia, Júlia Calvó, Anna Casarramona, Josep Coll, Omar Diao, Shely Camila Diaz, Carla Gallego, Olivia García, Isaac Garriga, Laia González, Clara Guillén, Ibrahim H’Mamyouch, Antonio Jurado, Víctor Mancera, Alejandro Martinez, Francesc Melenchon Jusmet, Madelyne Ramos, Víctor Ignacio Rivas, Mateo Rivero, Júlia Rozas, Maria Ruiz, Pau Sanchez, Judith Serrano, Fatoumata Sylla, Adrià Trancoso , Anna Trujillo


Joaquim Rovira, M. Josep Entrena, Eva Ibañez, Elena Sanchez i Xavier

Translated by Chaplin’s Languages | Find out more in Junior Report


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