Designs of the future step onto the catwalk

Fashion design students from LCI Barcelona presented their models at 080. (LCI Barcelona)

Designers from the final year of the Fashion Design degree take part in a 080 Barcelona Fashion show

By Judith Vives

The 080 Barcelona Fashion show has seen the designs of the creators of the future.

Students of the Official Degree in Fashion Design of the Felicidad Duce Fashion School of LCI Barcelona have been rewarded for their effort of four years of training, by presenting their collections on the 080 catwalk.

Already transformed into designers, students in their final year have been the stars of two spectacular shows.

For the staging, they had the collaboration of the prestigious choreographer Marcos Morau, founder of La Veronal dance company.

Under the name LCI Barcelona Dystopias, the collections of 40 students were seen in the show. These collections represented very different styles and trends, but with one element in common: their view towards the future and the progress of humanity and the planet.

Precisely, this view to the future is what inspired Marcos Morau to develop the visual concept for the staging of the show.

An image and a concept with which he wanted to give warning of a future that may not be better than our present. Hence the name Dystopias, which refers to an undesired future.

At the same time, it launched the message that the future can still be saved through the art and creativity presented by these designers of the future.

The dancers of La Veronal were in charge of opening the show. Next, the Fashion Design students from LCI Barcelona presented their collections: each one presented eight different ‘looks’ with their accessories.

Most were women’s collections, but designs for men and genderless collections were also presented.

Among the dresses were very bold designs and other more classic creations. In some, new technologies were used, like 3D printing, while others were based on traditional techniques such as embroidery.

But in most cases, they were hybrid collections, combining techniques and styles to make daring and futuristic designs.

At the end of the show, the names of the winning designers were announced. The first prize went to Project One by Laura Núñez; the second prize went to Come Alive by Emma Picanyol; and a third prize was shared between R I C H I by Nina Fernández and Marti-nez by Sara Iglesias.

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