BRILLIANT YOUNGSTERS | ‘Do it yourself’ wheelchairs

Two students from Terrassa design a wheelchair with recycled materials

A year ago, two students of the School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa unveiled a very curious charity project: a ‘do it yourself’ wheelchair that you can build at home if you have the materials.

The Do It Yourself Wheelchair is an idea developed by Adrià Sallés and Bernat Villa, two young men who wanted their final degree project could be used to help the maximum number of people. Part of the prototype is built with recycled materials which greatly reduce the cost.

With this video you can learn to build a wheelchair with PVC pipes, two bicycle wheels, two wheels from a supermarket trolley and several screws and nuts … It is awesome, right?!

Translated by Chaplin’s Languages | Find out more in Junior Report


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