Experiential interior design, an innovative trend

The experiential interior designer considers the person and the sensations suggested by a space

By Judith Vives

You’ve probably heard about user experience. This concept is often used to describe the relationship we have with a digital environment: for example, if it is easy to navigate a web page, or convenient to buy from an online store, we say that we have had a good user experience.

But what if the environment is not a web page, but a space in the real world? Have you ever thought about whether a store or establishment offers a good user experience? That is precisely what an experiential interior designer is in charge of.

A smell, the music we hear, the ease of access, the distribution, the type of furniture or the colour of the space can influence us to enter a store, choose a restaurant or feel welcome in a hotel. All these aspects are taken into account by an experiential interior designer.

A space, a subjective experience

In their projects, an experiential interior designer aims to make the most of the subjective experience of each person when they are in a particular space. This experience can be sensory, emotional, intellectual, pragmatic and / or social.

Experiential Interior Design (EID) is a very innovative discipline of architecture and interior design. It is about considering and applying experiential values ​​when designing spaces.

To achieve this, the EID places people at the centre of the space and projects the design based on their feelings and sensations, placing attention on the need to live positive experiences.

Technology at the service of the people

In experiential interior design, the designer tries to capture and blend senses and emotions to create a unique experience. That is why they cannot leave out the use of new technologies.

Another important element is the omnichannel approach, that is, the presence of a brand in different channels, whether digital or real.

For example, you can shop on Amazon through the web but also through the mobile app, and now the company is also opening physical stores to recreate the experience of its users in the real world.

Experiential design is a totally innovative and fascinating new approach to interior design. If it interests you, at LCI Barcelona they offer a totally pioneering Official Master’s Degree in Experiential Interior Design.

You will learn to generate creative solutions to integrate human experience in the design of spaces and improve the user’s relationship in and with places.

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