Great gifts for English students

There are many types of gifts to give to English students. (Archive)

Books, series, games and technology can be very useful for practicing a new language

By Judith Vives

The Christmas holidays are coming and we are thinking about the gifts we will give to our closest relatives and friends, not to mention our invisible friends.

If the person who you will give a gift to is studying English, things will be much easier. There are many useful gifts for those who are learning a new language. We bring you some ideas from Trinity College London.

Books in English

Books are always a perfect gift, also for those who are studying English. Depending on their level, you can give one of your favorite books in English or encourage them to read a new novel.

If the person’s level is not high enough to attack an entire book in its original language, you can look for versions of novels that are adapted for English students.

If the person loves cooking, another idea may be a recipe book in English. This way, besides trying new dishes and recipes, they can also put their language skills into practice.

Books in English for practicing the language (LV)

Another option is to give books specifically for learning English. On the website of Trinity College London you can find a long list of certified materials for preparing for the official exams.

The most interesting thing about these textbooks is that they aim at developing the four basic language skills. It’s also helpful to have a good dictionary and a guide for reviewing verbs. 

Films and series

Any English student is always looking for an opportunity to put their knowledge to the test.

One way of doing it is to watch movies or series in the original language. So, why not give them a DVD of their favorite film or series? They’ll be able to enjoy them again, but this time, in the original language.

If their level is low, they can use the subtitles as support; if they master the language, they can try watching the films or series directly in English.

Technological gifts

Technology helps us with almost everything, including with English. We currently have , which help us translate messages.

We can also configure the assistant in the language we choose, so we can have a basic conversation and test our communication skills.

Amazon Echo is an intelligent assistant that responds to voice instructions. (Amazon)

In the list of technological gifts, don’t forget the electronic bookmark with an English-Spanish translator. This way, the person can read in English while looking up the words they do not know. 

Agendas and calendars

A practical and more economical gift could be a calendar in English that includes dates, for practicing with each day. There are also special calendars with which you can learn a new word every day or find out the meaning of new expressions.

With this idea, you can also look for an agenda that includes phrases, so the person has the daily challenge of learning something new or even writing something down in English.

A weekend in London

If you want to give a really special gift, organise a getaway to London or any other English-speaking city. It will be a unique opportunity to check that our level of English is advancing well.

And remember that, to confirm your level, there is nothing better than taking the official exams. At Trinity College London they help you with them. Get in touch!

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