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The prize ‘Making More Health’ recognises young entrepreneurs’ talent in the field of health.

An intelligent helmet that calls the emergency services in case of accident? An artistic programme to help patients that are in the Palliative Care Unit? Radio, cinema and theatre workshops for people who have cancer?

These are some of the great ideas that have been thought by young people who are between 16 and 24 years old. These ideas are about to come true. Ideas which will allow to make thousands of people’s lives better through entrepreneurship.

This young entrepreneurs’ talent was recognised by Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim through the prize Making More Health, a global initiative which has promoted 45 social and health entrepreneurial projects since 2013, in cooperation with universities and NGOs.

Embark to change the world

The selected projects receive 500 euros in seed money and experts’ advice to allow the creators to feel accompanied in the long way that they will go through to implement their programmes.

All these projects are thought to give a solution to needs which the awarded people saw in a day to day basis: with their families, friends or in their own life. In addition, they become a key social element to fight against loneliness and pain.

Support in the fight against cancer

Under the slogan “I’m young, I have cancer and I move on with my life”, Andrea Martí created Mi compañero de viaje to help cancer patients and their families sharing their experiences.

Martí collaborates with Eric Abidal Foundation in an investigation project of the Vall Hebron Hospital Research Institute from Barcelona which attempts to improve patients’ survival rates with paediatrics sarcomas through a personalised therapy.

The project also counts with the sale of solidarity bracelets and the solidarity song ‘Ama la Vida’, in which Chenoa participated.

An intelligent helmet

Helpmet, created by Bernat Basté and Daniel Páez, is an intelligent helpmet which in case of accident sends a signal to the closest emergency centre, reducing the ambulance arrival time.

In addition, it also sends data such as age, allergies to medicines, blood type and the social welfare number that the user would have filled out previously through an app.

Helpmet (Helpmet)

Art: vehicle of emotions

Created by Silvia Fernández, Arte paliativo allows people hospitalised in palliatives cure units to create a mosaic of their days through group or individual creative sessions.

Different artistic forms like music, painting, writing, mandalas, collages, photography, video or composition become a release and an opportunity to capture feelings. “The artistic activities are a vehicle to bring out emotions and feelings”, explains Fernández.

Silvia Fernández, creator of Arte Paliativo (Ashoka)

‘Talkers of the experience’

This project by Ana García was created to support people who suffer or have suffered from breast cancer and their families. Ana, who survived twice from a brain cancer, shares her experience with people who are fighting against the illness.

They also carry out some activities like a radio workshop in Hospital de La Paz in Madrid and cinema and theatre projects, which allow patients to evade from reality. The initiative is part of ASION, a children oncologic association from Madrid.

Happily living at all ages

BiziPoz, which in euskera means “happily living”, is a project that promotes an active and healthy life for people over 55 years old. “We allow to give life to years, not years to life”, say its founders, Eider Etxebarria i Beatriz Santamaría.

Workshops about new technologies, reading clubs or listening sessions are some of the activities that take place.

BiziPoz (Ashoka)

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