How long does a sock take to decompose?

It can take centuries for all the waste that we produce to disappear

Currently, around 6 million tons of waste are generated every day worldwide, according to World Bank data. We recycle a small part, but the vast majority ends up in landfills and its treatment costs time, money and pollution.

Would it not actually be better to reduce the amount of garbage we generate?

So much garbage!

In Europe, each citizen generates about 500 kilos of waste each year. We can reduce that amount by buying products in bulk, using reusable bags, recycling as mush as we can, separating organic waste to make compost …

Green computing

Recycling 1 million laptops allows to save the energy consumed in more than 3,000 homes for a full year.

The recycling of electronic devices can save both energy and natural resources. (Charly Triballeau / AFP)

Plastic for Energy

By recycling a plastic bottle we’re saving the energy needed to keep a light bulb on for 6 hours. With 5 bottles of 2 liters of PET plastic you can produce the filling fiber for a warm jacket.

Recycled paper = cleaner air

Air pollution during the papermaking process can be reduced by 70% if the paper is produced from recycled paper instead of virgin cellulose. Besides, by using recycled paper we can stop logging since trees help to process the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Archaeological waste

If we leave them out in the open, some materials such as paper will take a few months to decompose, while other more resistant materials may take thousands of years to disappear, like the glass found in some archaeological sites in Ancient Egypt.

In addition, the materials the objects are made of also influences: some plastic bags can take 10 years to decompose, whereas plastic credit cards can last for centuries in our environment

The waste that we generate can take days or millennia to disappear: the future of this planet is in our hands! (Junior Report)

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