How to create a striking image

Much of Lady Gaga's success is due to her image, created by her stylist. (Mike Nelson / EFE)

Stylists play a key role in the world of fashion, music, film and television

By Judith Vives

Sienna Miller, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, the Hadid sisters and Gwyneth Paltrow have something in common: they all have their own style that defines them and makes them unique.

To create that unique style, they count on the figure of a stylist, who helps them achieve an impacting and recognizable image.

This is precisely the mission of the stylist. It’s not just about choosing beautiful dresses, but knowing how to combine them with accessories, makeup and hairdressing to create an exclusive style and personality.

As explained by Daniel Louzao, an audiovisual production costume designer: “The role of the stylist is essential because it brings together not only clothing, but also accessories.”

Image with personality

The stylist role has been gaining importance at a time when ideas are transmitted through images more and more.

For this reason, the stylist has gone from being more than a fashion consultant and has adopted a strategic role as an art director.

Thus, the personality of a brand or a person no longer depends solely on designers. Stylists and art directors combine several elements to create an image that impacts, surprises and is recorded in the memory.

Today, the stylist has become a central figure in the world of fashion, as well as in advertising, film and television, and the music sector.

Think about how we see the style of the great stars of music to understand the importance of styling beyond the runway.

The stylist also participates in the creation of collections, the staging of fashion shows, the organisation of showrooms and the planning of fairs, as well as being responsible for communication actions related to advertising.

A good stylist must be up-to-date with the latest trends (lines, fabrics, colours, etc.), as well as know how to successfully coordinate outfits for the runway or a photo shoot.

For this reason, you must have knowledge of fashion design, art design, photography, illustration and other related disciplines.

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