How to dress Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with a Dominnico design. (Lady Gaga)

The designer Dominnico, trained at LCI Barcelona, ​​has seen the singer show off several of his designs

By Judith Vives

When you dedicate yourself to the world of fashion, you dream of being able to see your designs parading down a catwalk and having people see your pieces. But it would be even more exciting if whoever wears your designs is a celebrity. Can you imagine if it was someone like Lady Gaga?

That’s exactly what happened to the young designer Domingo Rodríguez, known as Dominnico. With an avant-garde and daring style, his designs caught the eye of the popular Lady Gaga, who has posted them several times on her social networks.

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga posted some photos on her Instagram account where she could be seen wearing one of Dominnico’s designs. She also published them in her stories and mentioned the Spanish company.

The singer even used an image with the young designer’s clothes as a profile picture.

In addition to dressing in Dominnico during her stay in Spain, the diva took another five models to the United States, and has worn the brand on two other occasions. The most recent one was at the premiere of the movie ‘A Star is Born’ in Paris.

A brand for celebrities

Lady Gaga was not the first famous person to take interest in this designer. Before the pop diva, other celebrities such as Brisa Fenoy, Bad Gyal, Rosalia and the sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid had already dressed in his designs.

But the Lady Gaga photos gave an incredible boost to the brand, as they reached millions of followers on Instagram.

Domingo Rodríguez, who is from Alicante but resides in Barcelona, ​​graduated in 2016 from the LCI Barcelona School of Design, specialising in natural skin and hair treatment.

Dominnico designs are defined as avant-garde ‘prèt-a-porter’, where technical and visual fabrics are combined with artisanal techniques. These are timeless garments made with materials like laminated leather, fur, handmade plaits or laser-cut methacrylate.

The designer Dominnico graduated in 2016 from LCI Barcelona. (Dominnico)

This young designer presented his first collection Unusual dichotomy in Budapest as a part of the EFU (European Fashion Union) platform for young designers and opened the fashion shows of the AFW (Alicante Fashion Week).

He has also participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid showing his latest collection of spring-summer 2019.

The sum of training, talent and social networks can take you as far as Lady Gaga and beyond. If your passion is fashion and you dream of dressing up celebrities, start studying fashion design now. Check out the courses at LCI Barcelona and make your dream come true.

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