Is there a solution to global warming?  

We explain the measures that must be taken to stop climate change 

Can climate change be stopped? According to scientists, the climate would continue to change even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs) right now. However, we still have time to soften its effects.

But what are the measures that should be taken to avoid the worst effects of global warming? We explain them to you here.

Non-polluting energy and transport 

Today a lot of energy is produced using polluting methods, such as oil or coal, which generate massive quantities of GHG emissions.

That is why it is necessary to change the way we produce energy and use other non-polluting sources such as wind or solar, which do not produce waste.

Means of transport, like cars and airplanes, also use fossil fuels. It would be very beneficial to replace the means of transport that run on gasoline with electric ones.

And we can also move more with public transport, by bicycle or on foot: beneficial for the environment and our health!

Electric cars are a good solution for reducing GHG emissions. (Getty)

Conserve the forests 

Millions of hectares of forest are cut down every year around the world. This not only produces a huge loss to our natural richness, but also has a very serious effect on climate change.

Forests absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main greenhouse gases. Thus they contribute to cleaning this gas from our atmosphere.

That CO2 ends up accumulating in wood, dead leaves, soil, etc. But, when forests are cut down in an uncontrolled way, the accumulated CO2 is released and pollutes the air again. That’s why it is so important to control the cutting of trees and recover forests.

Forests are the lungs of our planet. We must protect them! (Getty)

Energy efficiency 

We use more energy than we need and, in many cases, greenhouse gases are emitted to generate that energy.

Taking measures to stop wasting energy would reduce the amount of emissions of those gases immediately.

This is why it is so important to take measures to boost energy efficiency, such as improving the insulation of buildings (if windows close properly, we need less heating, for example) or not using unnecessary lighting.

There is also research being done to make machines that need less energy to work: appliances, light bulbs, engines for means of transport… 

Eat less meat

Modernizing agriculture and using better fertilizers are other measures that would help mitigate climate change. Fertilizers, manure and even animal gases (mainly from cows) emit many GHGs into the atmosphere.

The livestock industry produces many greenhouse gases. (Getty)

It would also be beneficial to consume less meat, because its production is more polluting than that of other foods: it requires using a large amount of food to feed the animals, and therefore spends more energy.

Capture CO2 and create artificial clouds? Other measures to prevent global warming are also being investigated. One of them is to capture CO2 from the atmosphere to store it underground.

Another proposal is to create artificial clouds by shooting small particles of water and other elements into the atmosphere so that they reflect some of the sunlight. This would result in the temperature of the Earth not rising so much.

However, it is not yet known if these projects would be successful or if they would cause other secondary problems.

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