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Students at Monalco School learn how the media works

How much information do we get in one day? To learn how to interpret it, understand what is happening around us and to form an opinion of our own, it is important to know how the media works.

And that’s exactly what Monalco School’s 3rd year students did, who learned about the key concepts in Journalism through a series of modern workshops organized by Junior Report.

Start from the beginning

The students began the workshop analyzing the function of written press. What’s its objective? What kind of information do the papers offer? Who is behind a means of communication?

From the analysis of daily newspapers, students thought about these issues and started finding the answers.

The media has a great influence on public opinion, defending or criticizing certain ideas or policies. That is why it is important to know the relationship there is between the media groups and the political forces and, consequently, the interests that these may have.


Journalists for a day

After learning how the most relevant news is selected, students now faced the moment of truth: it was now their turn to look for five pieces of news related to their school.

Some walked around the schools, others went into the other classrooms to interview teachers … One of the students that was injured was left working on the writing: There was no time to lose!

Meanwhile, on the other end, the classroom’s reporters and community managers kept track of all the news on Junior Report’s Instagram


Some students interviewed teachers in other classrooms. (Junior Report)


So, we’ve got the news… now what?

Once the news is gathered, it is time to design the cover: choose the three most relevant pieces of news, the name of the paper, decide on the image that it’s going to have … The editing board  usually has a lot of work and very little time to do it!

Students presented their projects to the rest of their classmates and argumented the decisions they had made when choosing the cover news.

The top news were those of the school’s Open Day and Carnival, but some went in another way. The paper El alumnado, for instance, ended up becoming the paper that spoke up for all the students.

To finish, the students did a small reporting simulation exercise. Students, now as journalists, had to get more information about a traffic accident and find out the truth… Something that is not always an easy task.

Undoubtedly, the students of Monalco proved to have what it takes to be a journalist. Surely more than one has found his future job!

Translated by Chaplin’s Languages | Find out more in Junior Report


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