Men: silent victims

The Australian 1in3 campaign reminds us all that one out of every three victims of gender violence is a man. (

Men abused by their partners face ridicule and lack of credibility for their complaints when reporting

By Maria Lience

The great majority of victims of gender violence are women assaulted by men. Therefore, the term male violence is often used as a synonym to gender violence, but in fact they are very different.

Victims of male violence often hide the abuses they suffer out of fear what their aggressor might do to them or out of shame of being judged by others. But male violence cases are so serious and happen so often that they receive a great deal of attention by the media.

However, male violence is not the only type of gender violence there is. There are cases of men who are abused by women, although they aren’t often heard of or reported.

When men are the victims

Gender violence against men occurs when they are physically abused by their partner (a woman), threatened or looked down on. It is a problem that also affects all countries, as the reports have shown.

In some cases, they are pressured by their partners and end up obeying their commands for fear of being attacked. On other occasions, without there necessarily being physical violence, men feel distressed by an excess of responsibilities in the home.

Unlike the cases of women victims of gender violence, cases of gender violence against men aren’t usually in the news.

Besides being rare, abused men face mockery and lack of credibility on behalf of the people around them. Many think that they will be considered cowards or less of a man if they confess that they are being abused by a woman.

One of the cases that was shown on the media worldwide took place last year in Argentina, when a man was stabbed to death by his wife. What’s more serious about this is that, when the victim went to report his wife to the police station, the agents who attended him made fun of him.

Information put together in collaboration with Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals Blanquerna


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