The # MeToo also hits Trump

The #MeToo movement (Yo También) was born as a protest of sexual harassment in the world of cinema and has spread throughout the United States. (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

The feminist movement against sexual harassment which arose in Hollywood, is all over the social media and is a direct attack against President Trump.

Over the last year, thousands of women have joined the protest movement #MeToo to report numerous cases of sexual harassment in the world of cinema and television in the USA.

Finally, the campaign #MeToo has reached other areas and countries. Women all over the world have made their voice heard and have reported the harassment they suffer in their day to day lives. The last example was during the Golden Globes Gala, where all of the male and female assistants dressed in black as a form of protest.

Condemnation has even reached the White House. Although Donald Trump´s integrity had already been doubted before the #MeToo feminist movement: during the election campaign, various women reported having been harassed by Trump in the past.

Trump managed to win the elections but the feminist movement #MeToo has questioned his presidency.

From the big screen to the big tweet

The #MeToo movement begins in the world of North- American cinema, with the scandalous behavior of Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer. In October 2017, the actor Alyssa Milano, writes a tweet reporting this, which immediately goes viral on social media.

“If you have been harassed or have been sexually assaulted, write “Me too” as a response to this tweet”

From this moment on, various women report Weinstein for sexual assault making headlines in all media. The fact that this case becomes public, makes more women join the initiative, they stop hiding and they tell their own experience.

Numerous well-known Hollywood actors give their support to #MeToo and Time´s Up, an initiative, which offers counseling and legal support to victims of sexual harassment.

A political #MeToo 

Last year when all of these reports became public, President Donald Trump assured that he was “happy” that it all came out. However, just one year before, those same accusations were lodged against him.

Trump has denied all the accusations and as he usually does, has blamed the Democratic Party and the Media for inventing these stories to harm him.

However, the #MeToo movement has achieved that other politicians, who were accused of sexual harassment, recognized the facts forcing their resignation.

Republican Congressman Trent Franks, Democratic Congressman John Conyers as well as Democratic Senator Al Franken, have resigned from their positions due to the accusations of sexual harassment, which arose from the origin of this movement.

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