Personal shopper, much more than shopping

Being a personal shopper is much more than shopping. (LCI Barcelona)

These professionals are in charge of giving advice on image issues and positioning in networks

By Judith Vives

If you are someone who enjoys shopping, maybe you think you would love to be a personal shopper. However, going from store to store picking out clothes is not the only thing these professionals do.

Behind this name hides a professional in great demand and with a lot of responsibility, since a personal shopper is responsible for giving advice on the creation of our personal identity.

In today’s world, image has great power. In that sense, a personal shopper can help us find the style that defines us, provide an image that responds to our personality, and help us achieve our professional and personal goals.

For this reason, the figure of a personal shopper has become a profession in high demand by companies, celebrities and public figures.

Whether due to lack of time or lack of aesthetic skills, more and more people are turning to this figure. How many times have you thought that you could use someone to help you choose the perfect outfit for a job interview? This is just one example of what a personal shopper can do for us. 

Creating wardrobe capsules

Estel Vilaseca, head of the fashion area of ​​LCI Barcelona, ​​explains that the tasks of a personal shopper range from personal advising on image and style to the creation of wardrobe capsules. That’s why we sometimes talk about a ‘personal stylist’ or ‘style coach’ to refer to the same figure.

The success of professionals like Marie Kondo, who helps us to organise our home and do away with everything unnecessary, shows that personal shoppers can be very useful when cleaning out our wardrobe.

As Vilaseca points out, our wardrobe should keep a balance and a personal shopper can help us find it. “Design how your closet has to be, what it is missing and what can be thrown out, and what new pieces you could explore,” she explains.

A ‘personal shopper’ helps you put together your wardrobe. (Pixabay)

A person who wants to become a personal shopper must meet a series of requirements. The first is to have a sensitivity to fashion and be open to new trends. In that sense, it is a profession with a high degree of vocation.

They must also show certain assertiveness and have a bit of psychology to understand the tastes and needs of the client. As image consultant Sílvia Foz explains: “You have to know the client and help him discover himself”.

In addition, you should be able to manage budgets and maintain client confidentiality. 

For all these reasons, to be a personal shopper it is essential to get training and acquire specific knowledge and skills. Check out all the information about the courses offered at LCI Barcelona.

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