Print your own objects in 3D

It is now possible to build machines, houses, furniture or cars just by pressing a button on the printer

By Judith Vives

Would you ever imagine that building a house could be as easy as sending a sheet to print? Well, it’s not science fiction. Thanks to technology, today it is possible to create almost any object with 3D printing.

From houses to cars, to shoes and accessories, jewelry, furniture and objects of all kinds. 3D printing can now be used in many fields and sectors, such as construction, fashion, industrial design and even engineering and the aerospace sector.

Figures created with a 3D printer (Marc Arias)

Printing in three dimensions from home 

Actually, it has been possible for many years now to reproduce objects in three dimensions and mass produce them. What has happened is that, in the last decade, 3D printing technology has become more accessible to the general public.

And every day comes closer to the moment when anyone will be able to have a 3D printer at home. Isn’t it incredible?

However, to be able to use a 3D printer you also need to have knowledge of design, programs and methods for 3D printing.

Plastic, the raw material 

A 3D printer is capable of generating a solid physical object in three dimensions by adding layer upon layer of a material, which is generally a type of plastic. 3D printers melt the material and add it to another molten material, like a pastry bag.

As they add to the molten material, the object takes on the digitally designed form. That is why, for printing objects in 3D you do not need a mold, but a previous digital design.

You can find templates that are ready to print or make your own designs. In this phase, you will need some training to learn how to use 3D editing software.

If you are a craftsperson who dreams of creating your own objects and printing them in three dimensions, sign up for the modules on 3D printing and laser cutters that are offered at LCI Barcelona.

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