The robots of the future are already here

Robots will become more and more present in our lives (Ana Jiménez)

Science and technology permit the development of robots that will make our life easier.

Robots that look after the elderly, mechanical arms which operate in surgeries, microchips which are implanted in your skin which detect illnesses….. robots are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives.

Technological advances made over recent years have enabled the creation of new smaller, more intelligent machines, which will help us in our daily lives: at work, in our homes, in the classroom, in hospitals and even when we want to have fun.

Robots which, some years ago seemed something of science fiction, now come out of the laboratories to be used in the real world. Do you want to know what future is in store for us?

Robotized Medicine

For years, surgeon robots have been used in hospitals around the world: giant machines with mechanical arms operated by doctors. However, thanks to technological advances, these robots are becoming more precise and allow more difficult operations to be carried out.

In Japan, whose population is aging rapidly, robot nurses are becoming more common: machines with arms that can move and transport the elderly or patients with reduced mobility.

But the future of medical technology advances on a much tinier plane. Microrobots of less than 1 millimeter are currently being developed to be introduced into the human body.

Injected with a needle, these microscopic robots would allow the human body to be travelled through on the inside. In this way diseases, tumors or internal wounds could be discovered and start being treated before they spread.

These types of robots are still a prototype but scientists, engineers and doctors trust that they will be able to save many lives.

The kings of the algorithms

You’re hanging out looking at the social networks and, suddenly, there’s an advertisement of that cool jacket you were looking at a few days ago. Chance?

No, the ones responsible for this are the algorithms: mathematical formulas that collect information while you browse the internet to know your tastes and interests. Web pages, social networks like Instagram and search engines like Google use this information to know what you like and personalize the ads.

But algorithms also have other uses. In 2016, a US law firm hired ROSS, a robot lawyer that uses artificial intelligence to analyze millions of data: laws, court decisions, examples of previous cases …

ROSS is able to process immense amounts of information much faster, helping flesh and blood lawyers prepare cases. In addition, algorithms improve with use and increasingly refine the search of what we need.

Smart houses

Home automation is the robotics applied to our homes: systems to regulate the lights, raise and lower the blinds, turn on the heating when it’s cold … everything automatically.

Many houses already work in this way, but home automation has not stopped evolving. The latest innovation is smart wristbands that make the house adapt to each tenant.

These devices have a built-in chip with the preferences of each person: the room temperature, the intensity of the light, the type of music that they like … Thus, when someone comes home, the room reacts and regulates the light, the thermostat you can even have the TV turned on with your favorite channel.

Nothing like getting home and letting robots take care of everything, right?

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