Russia gets set to host World Cup

The wolf Zabivaka is the 2018 Russia World Cup official mascot, chosen by more than one million russian children. (Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP)

Besides supporting technology, Russia 2018 organizers focus on security on and outside field

Temas relacionadRussia is the host country for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It is the first time for an Eastern European country to host a World Cup and the organizers have spread the competition all over the country, the biggest in the world.

This way, the inhabitants of 11 Russian cities will be able to enjoy the World Cup matches, as well as making themselves known to tourists and fans from all over the world. An international competition like the World Cup is a great opportunity for a country to promote itself.

The Russian authorities are striving to offer an image of openness and tolerance in a country where human rights and freedom of expression are not always respected.

Football without violence

In recent months, Russian team hooligans have staged several very serious incidents in football matches. Therefore, those responsible for the Russia 2018 have paid close attention to the safety of the event.

Surveillance at the stadiums has been reinforced to avoid riots and fights between fans of different countries, as happened in the 2016 Eurocup between the Russian and English fans.

Another measure taken has been the Fan ID, a credential needed to access the stadiums where the matches are played. After buying tickets, fans must obtain their Fan ID to be able to attend the game: without a Fan ID you cannot enter the venue.

This identification also serves as visa: fans with Fan ID can freely move around the country and use public transport for free..

The most high-tech World Cup

The 2018 World Cup in Russia will have a great of digital coverage to keep up with everything that happens in the competition: training sessions, friendly games, official matches, press conferences.

A team of 32 journalists will follow each of the 32 teams, posting their day to day on Twitter. FIFA has also created a free app to follow live all the championship information, as well as actively sharing content on social networks.

Technology will be very present at this world Cup, and not only during broadcasting. The ball designed for the competition, the Telstar18, has a built-in NFC chip that collects data on the game and other FIFA-related information. La tecnología estará muy presente en este mundial, y no solo en las retransmisiones.

Russia takes the stage

Both the World Cup opening game and the final will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, with a capacity for more than 80,000 spectators.

Singer Robbie Williams and russian soprano Aida Garifullina, will be starring in the World Cup Opening Ceremony , along with Ronaldo, 2-times World Cup winner with Brazil..

One the most expected shows at the event is Live it up, the official Russia 2018 song by Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi and Will Smith.

The World Cup official mascot is Zabivaka, a wolf that wears sports glasses. Its name means “the one who scores “ in Russian.

On the other hand, the Russia 2018 official poster features Lev Yashin, the mythical Russian team goalkeeper who participated in four World Cups.

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