The Media- why do we need it?

Facing so much fake news today, the press is presented as a guarantee of truth

During the electoral campaign for the presidency of the United States, the candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, criticized on several occasions the treatment he received from the media.

After unexpectedly winning the elections, the new president went one step further and published a tweet describing the media as the enemy of the American people for spreading fake news.Such serious accusations, by one of the most powerful men on the planet, provoked a great debate regarding the media’s role and utility.

The New York Times, one of the most prestigious papers in the world, in reply to Trump, launched an advertising campaign with the slogan “The truth is more important than ever” in which it stressed the need to do journalism truthfully and independently. The Times editor Arthur Sulzberger Jr. explained that in a world full of great confusion about what is real and what isn’t, your newspaper can actually help the reader decide what is.

So, is it still important to read the papers? Junior Report has asked journalists from different media and countries. And these have been some of their answers:

The press no longer has the monopoly on information. Everyone can make a post, everyone can report. Our contribution can only be one: rigorousness


The press helps us understand the increasingly complex world around us. If it doen’t , or rather just explains part of it, it fails

ARIADNA TRILLAS Alternativas Económicas

Reading a paper gives you the chance of making your own news search engine. Do not let others filter what you should know. Read as much as you can


Journalists report without masks or disguises. Those who hide their faces on the net also tend to hide the truth.

JOSEP LLUÍS MICÓ Catedrático de periodismo

Journalism is the mirror of the world, often its most horrible and painful face, but it is vital to get know where it is we are going. And if possible, to try and change its course.


It is convenient to read newspapers because they are a way of not getting lost in the tangle of information, which you will surely come across, even if you don’t want to



We do not have to give arguments to young people or any public in general for them to get close to the media. I believe it doesn’t work and neither does it connect with those who have no interest in the media, plus it can be counterproductive. People do not trust and probably have reasons not to. Distrust is healthy and demonstrates the critical sense and the demands of the people. We have to stop appealing to the great principles and start doing good journalism


You can do journalism – good or bad – in many ways, but I think that writing is what encourages rigorousness, because the reader receiving the information is also required to put in more effort. Reading is a real intellectual effort.



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