The whole world plays soccer

A total of 32 teams will compete for the 2018 World Cup in front of millions of fans from all over the world

On June 14, the FIFA World Cup, better known as the World Cup, will begin. A competition that brings together every year tens of thousands of fans to the host country, while millions of people follow the matches live on TV

For five weeks, from June 14 to July 15, 32 national teams will be facing each other to win the golden trophy and that extra star on their shield.

The 21st edition of the World Cup will be held in Russia, the first country in Eastern Europe to host the competition. The matches will be played in 12 stadiums spread across 11 cities across the country (there are two stadiums in Moscow, the capital).

A dozen stadiums in 11 Russian cities will host World Cup matches. (Wikipedia)

The largest, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, has capacity for 81,300 people, while the smallest, the Ekaterinburg Arena, 35,000 spectators.

5 phases to Moscow

The 32 teams that have qualified for the World Cup are divided through lottery system into eight groups. The four teams of each group face each other during the group phase and the best two go to Round of 16.

The fixtures in the later phases (Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinal and final) are determined from the beginning by that initial draw. The first classified of group A will face the second classified of group B and vice versa, and so on with the rest of the groups.

The draw determines the matches that will result in the last phases of the competition Mundial. (FIFA)

Therefore, regardless of the quality of each team, luck also plays a very important part: a country can make it more easily to the next phase or not depending on the teams in their group.

Of the 736 players called for Russia 2018, 200 have already played World Cup before. Manchester City is the team with the most World Cup players (16), followed by Real Madrid (15) and Barça (14).

The World stops for one ball

The Soccer World Cup is held every four years, hence the expectation it generates. Passionate football fans from all over the world do not hesitate to travel to the host country to support their team during the tournament.

This competition is one of the most followed sporting events on the planet. The 2014 Brazil World Cup final between Germany and Argentina was followed by a billion viewers around the world.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia has also set a record of volunteers: a total of 17,040 people from 112 countries have been selected to help in the organization of the tournament.

The current champion, Germany, is one of the most feared teams. But the Germans will have to make an effort to surpass the rest of the favorites for this year.

There is Argentina, who is desperately looking to win its third World Cup with Leo Messi in the lead; Spain, who wants to repeat its glory from 2010; Brazil, the everlasting favorite with five World Cup wins; France, who has a young team of the most promising players, and Belgium who has yet not won its first title but is always within the favorites.

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