The worst threat to Environment

Plastic waste has become the planet’s most serious pollution problem

The United Nations agency for the protection of nature and the environment, UN Environment, believes that plastic pollution is “one of the most serious environmental problems of our times.”

Food in 0, drinks in take-away cups, disposable products… A large part of this waste ends up in our natural landscapes, where they take years or even centuries to decompose.

Every day thousands of tons of plastics are dumped into the sea. These residues affect marine species and form enormous plastic islands that aimlessly wander across the ocean, but also enter the food chain and become a risk to health.

Worldwide, 500 billion plastic bags are used every year. We buy a million plastic bottles every minute. In the last ten years we have produced more plastic than in the last century. Something to think about, right?

Plastic pollution is a serious threat to the environment. However, it is estimated that its production won’t stop growing in the coming years. That’s why it’s so important to start acting now.

Save the planet from plastic

Initiatives are being taken all around world to reduce plastic consumption and production. They can either be campaigns and projects at a local, national or regional level: everything counts!

The Chilean government has approved a law that bans plastic bags in stores and supermarkets. This way, people get used to reusing them and, above all, changing their habits and using fabric bags or shopping baskets.

Other countries, instead of banning their use, have brought in dissuasive measures. For example Spain, where a law on banning free plastic bags will be approved in 2018 (establishments will have to charge for them).

However, the goal for 2030 in all countries of the EU is that only reusable plastic bags and containers must be used.

On World Environment Day 2018, many countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have decided to organize events to raise awareness on the issue; something which will actually happen: “the biggest clean in the world”, a global initiative by UN Environment.

Eco- friendly Sport

Many competitions and sports entities have joined UN Environment’s cause and have started taking measures to fight plastic pollution.

Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur has announced that it will no longer sell disposable recipients in its stadium, while the Chicago White Sox will stop selling drinks with non-recyclable straws.

In the London marathon they have replaced water bottles with reusable plastic cups and some sports brands are even making T-shirts out of fabrics from recycled plastic.

Almost half of the plastic waste generated is from disposable packaging, which is why it is so important that measures like these must be taken in more and more places and in our lives.

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