Trinity College London joins the ‘Current Affairs in the Class’ project as an English Language Partner

The CEO of Blue Globe Media, Francesc Castanyer, signs the agreement with Barry Lynam, the president of Trinity College in Spain and Portugal. (Junior Report)

The educational foundation will promote the development of the English language, music and theater among the writers of the Digital School Magazine project 

The Digital School Magazine project and the journalism workshops known as  ‘Current Affairs in the Class’, will be supported by the educational foundation Trinity College London, which aspires to promote the English language with certificates to young students. Therefore, Trinity College London will become a partner of the educational program for young people, sponsored by the newspaper Junior Report.

The agreement takes into consideration the publication of a series of articles related to the use of English as a leading language in schools and the distinctive certificates that can be obtained. The foundation is also known for the music and theatre-like features used to facilitate the education of the most spoken language in the world.

“The Digital School Magazine project has a global essence and English will be the shared language among our junior editors. Being supported by an institution like Trinity will allow us to make international progress in our informative and educational endeavours”, says Frances Castanyer from Junior Report.

“The School Digital Newspaper Awards is another means of positive impact for both Trinity and Junior Report. We want the students to enjoy the learning process” says the president of Trinity College in Spain and Portugal, Barry Lynam.


The Awards

As the domain of this agreement, the London Trinity College also played an active role in launching the first gala edition of the School Digital Newspaper Awards, which was held on June 13th in the auditorium of Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales de Blanquerna-URL (Barcelona).

During the ceremony, the Trinity College London Award was awarded in recognition of the best content in English to the board members of Abat Oliba Report, from Abat Oliba Loreto school in Barcelona.

The 2019 School Digital Newspaper Awards recognized the works of more than 300 students from eight schools which participated in the Digital School Magazine project. (Junior Report)

The agreement between the London Trinity College and Junior Report was signed in the editorial office of the newspaper in Barcelona, by Barry Lynam, the director of the Trinity College London in Spain, and Francesc Castanyer, director of Blue Globe Media.

Find out more in Junior Report


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