What rights do Children have?

Education is one of the most important rights of children: ensuring education means offering a future to the children of the world. (Unicef / Palombi)

All boys and girls around the world have the same rights, no matter where they’re from

Temas relacionados Almost 30 years ago, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was signed, a document that gathers the rights of all the children in the world.

Until today, it is the international treaty that has received the most support. It was signed by 195 states, almost every country in the world, which demonstrates the importance of protecting the youngest, whatever their origin.

The CRC contains 54 articles, but can be summarised in these fundamental rights: the right to a healthy life, Quality Education and the be protected against violence or any kind of abuse.

Unicef ​​and other organizations work in the most vulnerable areas to improve the health of the little ones (Unicef / Kyaw Winn)

“Special” Rights

Despite the existence of a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rights of Children were created because minors require special protection. This condition is included in article 3: the superior interest of the child.

All children’s rights are related to one another: they deal with economic, social, cultural or political aspects, but they are all equally important.

For example, article 7 states that all children have the right to have a name and a nationality and, therefore, to be citizens of a country with full rights.

On the other hand, article 12 guarantees the freedom of opinion and expression of minors, a principle that also includes the Declaration of Human Rights.

Children have right to a Family, not to be separated from their parents and to be reunited if these are abroad. (Unicef / Mrazikova)

The Convention also establishes a series of obligations and responsibilities for adults who must take care of the children’s well-being: political leaders, parents, family members, teachers, doctors and other professionals.

Therefore, the CRC aims to ensure the protection and safety of children and eradicate child exploitation.

In addition to the Convention, there are also protocols that regulate the actions of the authorities when facing problems that affect children worldwide, like for example the sale of children, child prostitution or the participation of children in armed conflicts.

Find out which ones are some of the Child Fundamental Rights

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